In a Big Data world characterized by rapidly changing information and split-second decisions, businesses cannot fall behind in catering to the rigorous demands of data analysis processes and strategies. To help organizations with the best possible data analysis, TLH Vietnam offers five different customized data analysis services. Regardless of how big or small your business is, minimizing risks and maximizing profit depend on how effectively you handle constantly flowing data.

Analyzing data routinely involves multiple challenges - accuracy, privacy, timing, security, and costs are five prime examples. To overcome these challenges, TLH' data analysis specialists provide customized and comprehensive help to support better decision-making at all levels for your organization. With our data analysis experts, you get high-quality data analysis services that are reliable

Data Analysis Services We Offer

At TLH Vietnam, we offer a gamut of data analysis services that precisely cater to the specific requirements of the client. With extensive experience of working with global clients and catering to their complex requirements, we are capable of processing any requests. Here are the specialized data analysis services offered by TLH Vietnam -

  1. Data Quality Audit - TLH Vietnam performs a quality inspection that ensures you are using the right data and helps to optimize the entire data analysis process
  2. Data Cleaning (aka Data Scrubbing or Data Cleansing) - TLH detects and removes inaccurate records and replaces them with correct data
  3. Homogeneity Analysis - Flatworld Solutions determines common patterns and threads to facilitate possible comparisons between several groups of data
  4. Extreme Observations Analysis - TLH takes a closer look at outlying data points to assess how relevant they are
  5. Missing Observations Analysis - Flatworld Solutions assesses missing variables, calculates the potential impact and helps you fix the problem if it exists within your data

Why Should You Choose Our Data Analysis Services?

Our rich multi-domain industry experience enables us to cater to any type of complex data analysis requirements. Besides, we also understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality of the clients' data. However, following are some of the major advantages you can avail by partnering with TLH Vietnam for data analysis services -

  • Cost effective data analysis services that will help you help you to cut down on your expenses while getting accurate and reliable services
  • Faster turnaround times when you need remodeling and data curation on an urgent basis
  • Reduce data management risks, as we have the necessary infrastructure and security measures in place 
  • Strict quality assurance process, which enables you to stay ahead of the competition by ensuring that your business is making decisions based upon the best possible data
  • A team of data analysis experts that helps you analyze data without the need for your employees to worry about time-consuming coding requirements
  • We are an experienced knowledge process outsourcing firm that has already encountered and solved a diverse array of data analysis problems, including many data management issues that your business might be facing
  • At TLH Vietnam, we also provide 24/7 support to answer your data analysis questions
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