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TLH Vietnam provides a wide range of technology solutions that meet the specific demand of customers working in many organizations as well as business enterprises. We have long term partnership with IBM, TIBCO Software, Novell Inc., US-based clients, Japanese partners and local banking & financial market. Our Software Development tasks include: proprietary product development; Internet business applications; Java/J2EE/JEE, Microsoft.Net and SharePoint, PHP, C/C++, iPhone, Android, RPG, Cognos, Embedded Software programming and development services. We operate 3-5 ODCs of customers like IBM and others from USA and Australia.


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With our Desktop Application Development services, the system are developed exceptionally to satisfy your business requirements. Any your discontent or difficulty that appear during the development process can be improved while the formulation of the software with your permission. Your software is maintained for as long as you require it to be, with our efficient and reliable technical support plan


You are looking for comprehensive, affordable web development, marketing and content-management services? We provide complete support for content management systems, search engine marketing (SEM), and search engine optimization (SEO), as well as for E-commerce solutions. Our team of creative graphic designers and web development professionals can help ensure that your site’s looks match its performance
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Going Mobile is an inevitable trend when the number of smartphone user rises at fast pace. How could you adapt to this trend? If you are selling online, we provide you with ecommerce mobile app to help broaden and capture your business over mobile user community. If you are looking for solutions to streamline your operations, we help you build custom enterprise mobile applications to manage resources from anywhere
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